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We are accepting submissions for a Black History Month 2021 event series, and we want to hear from you! 

We are excited to adopt the Association for the Study of African American Life and History’s theme for this coming Black History Month…

The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.

“The Black family knows no single location, since family reunions and genetic-ancestry searches testify to the spread of family members across states, nations, and continents. Not only are individual Black families diasporic, but Africa and the diaspora itself have been long portrayed as the Black family at large. While the role of the Black family has been described by some as a microcosm of the entire race, its complexity as the ‘foundation’ of African American life and history can be seen in numerous debates over how to represent its meaning and typicality from a historical perspective—as slave or free, as patriarchal or matriarchal/matrifocal, as single-headed or dual-headed household, as extended or nuclear, as fictive kin or blood lineage, as legal or common law, and as Black or interracial, etc. Variation appears, as well, in discussions on the nature and impact of parenting, childhood, marriage, gender norms, sexuality, and incarceration. ” – Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH)

Showcase your expertise, collaborate with peers, and share your stories with an international community working to advance opportunities for Black people in GIS. This event series is an opportunity to amplify you & your work.

We are seeking participants at all career and entrepreneurial stages, including:
  • Students from High School to College
  • Professionals just starting out to seasoned experts
  • Entrepreneurs aspiring to exceptional
What should you present in the NorthStar Event Series?

We are seeking content and presentations that reflect the theme (The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity). Your presentation should tell an inspiring story that illustrates how you are using GIS to reflect the theme and/or positively impact your community or industry.

Why should you present in the NorthStar Event Series?

  • You Deserve Recognition – Get recognized for your achievements and enhance your professional profile.
  • Increase Visibility – Increase the visibility of your organization and your project.
  • Provide Mentorship – Help somebody else who is facing similar challenges.
  • Engage Your Peers – Discuss your work in a meaningful way to a variety of individuals.
  • Get Feedback – Receive valuable feedback from your peers. Are you on the right track?
  • Celebrate Excellence – Help us celebrate exemplary applications of innovative GIS Technology!
Topics to Consider
  • Time Periods
    • Contemporary Life, Post-Civil War, Reconstructiion Era, etc.,
  • Community & Family Topics
    • Community Resiliency & Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, Economic Growth & Prosperity, etc.,
  • GIS & Tech Interests
    • Data Management & Analysis, Geospatial Technology Innovations, Inspiring the Future of GIS & Education, etc.,

Submit Interest to Speak

Please submit a brief description of the content, expertise, or experiences you are interested in discussing.

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    Demographic Data

    NorthStar uses demographic data to inform efforts to increase representation, belonging, and inclusion for people of African-descent in GIS as well as our efforts to promote racial equity and workplace equity more broadly. Accurate and complete information shared with us allows the NorthStar to gain a more holistic picture of real experiences, outcomes, and interests of people engaged in the study, practice, and profession of GIS, location intelligence, and related fields and disciplines.
    None of the demographic information collected by NorthStar will be sold.