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Video is no longer unavailable.   Description From Original LinkedIn Post on HERE Technologies: What does it mean to be part of an Employee Resource Group (ERG), how can GIS positively impact communities and what to expect at this year’s virtual Esri User Conference and Homecoming week? As a lead up to the Esri User Conference, Dorothea Cooper, PMP, Dante White, MSc, CSM, CSPO, (HERE’s

Full YouTube Playlist (5 Videos)   Back in February 2020, Esri users gathered at Esri headquarters in Redlands, CA to share GIS projects that map challenges and opportunities for the African American community throughout time. View the video playlist from the event and see the StoryMap for more content and information about Why Location Matters.         

Autumn was a friend, colleague, and an inspiration to all who knew her. She championed the cause of creating an inclusive work environment at Esri and supported initiatives like Black Girls M.A.P.P. and NorthStar employee resource groups at the company in their efforts to create belonging.  Please join NorthStar in making a donation to support her family during this difficult time.        Credits: Video footage

To those who are dealing with the tragic, needless, and unconscionable killing of George Floyd and carry the weight of his death even as we work, to you, we say, NorthStar is with you. We feel your pain. We grieve with you.  We support you.  We send our hearts and prayers out in solidarity to the family and friends of George Floyd. We also share a bittersweet gratitude for those courageous allies who refused to simply walk away as George Floyd had his life stolen from him.    Many of you might

We know many of you are trying to make sense of and start taking action to address the huge racial disparities in the case and mortality data. Margot, myself, and our colleague Rebecca Lehman have published the following two articles to share guidance out to our users on the datasets and tools we currently have available to address COVID-19 in a racially equitable manner.  We hope