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Mapping Black Health and Wellness is an event series taking place during US Black History Month (February) 2022. This series will explore issues of race, place, health, and the implications of the representation of people of Black / African descent in mapping and analyzing health policies and programming. Join us for our upcoming 2022 Black History Month Event Series! Registration is now open

NorthStar of GIS is releasing a content bundle and consultation access for learning frameworks on equity and racial justice in your practices. Join Patreon for access to content at   Why is it important to increase equity & belonging for Black people in GIS? Organizations in every sector use GIS to increase revenues, customer satisfaction and improve community outcomes. Unfortunately, their teams and their

To our colleagues and anyone else affected by the recent surge in Asian-targeted violence, Hate crimes committed against Asian and Pacific Islander communities have drastically risen. Racially targeted crimes are notoriously underreported; even so, there has been a 1900% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in the wake of harmful anti-Chinese rhetoric around COVID-19. The popularization of this dangerous rhetoric has fueled racist behavior, leading to

As part of our Black History Month celebration, NorthStar and our partners want to create a shared experience for all of us to immerse ourselves in together. This year, Black History Month's theme is The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. So, we've curated a shortlist of relevant books and videos that we can all explore together, enabling us to: engage in

Organizations from around the globe connect to open a month-long event series and conversation about Black History, geography, GIS, and racial equity. Join us as we reflect on the Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity, and explore the challenges and opportunities of getting and holding seats at the table as we address the question: Who Maps the Black Family?   A Team Effort This series was produced in